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1. What is ATOK?

ATOK is a reward-based mobile ads platform that allows users to passively earn $M2E by participating in various in-app activities such as sharing location, and movements, viewing ads, or completing daily missions.

Advertisers can experience an effective but low-cost mobile ads platform based on real-time collected big data.

ATOK has two primary purposes, which are:

  • Providing users a passive income source based on their time and effort spent on using the app during their free time.
  • Offering advertisers new marketing tools for targeted ads by leveraging real-time big data based on user locations and preferences, thus reducing advertising cycles and costs
ATOK (move to earn platforms) to connect users and brands

ATOK (move to earn platforms) to connect users and brands

2.1 Move To Earn Application

Based on the Move To Earn concept, ATOK includes familiar features such as earning rewards through movement, upgrading NFTs, and participating in-app activities to increase rewards. Specific features include:

  • Move To Earn: Users earn $M2E (ATOK's operating token) by turning on the app while commuting.
  • Watching Ads: Users can earn tokens by viewing personalized ads and answering related questions during their free time.
  • Playing Games: Simple games like lucky spins and fishing games allow users to earn additional tokens, encouraging prolonged app use.
  • Avatar and NFT Level Upgrades: Users can use M2E tokens to purchase and upgrade their NFT levels in ATOK, the higher the level of NFT, the better rewards that users can earn. Furthermore, answering survey questions also helps upgrade users’ in-app Avatar, bringing them some special perks.
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2.2 Advertising Platform

ATOK also aims to address the inefficiencies in Web 2.0 digital advertising by offering a solution for businesses. By attracting a large user base, ATOK generates information as Big Data collected daily from users. This big data is crucial for operating the in-app advertising platform.

Leveraging AI technology, ads on ATOK paid with $M2E by advertisers are displayed directly to the right targeted users. After viewing ads and answering questions, users earn M2E tokens rewards which motivates them to contribute in-app activities actively. ATOK’s Ads service positions itself with some features including:

  • Targeting Based on Real Users: Advertisements on the ATOK app are targeted to the right audience of real users, avoiding distribution to fake accounts.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency: The cost of marketing campaigns run on the ATOK app is optimized based on the precise behaviour and preferences of users.
  • Preventing Fake Clicks and Views: Each user on ATOK only has one account for watching real-time Ads. Additionally, users are required to watch Ads in their entirety without skipping, ensuring that all clicks and views are genuine.
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ATOK approach the targeted customer effectively

ATOK approach the targeted customer effectively

3. Key Technologies of ATOK

ATOK leverages advanced technologies such as AIoT, and Big Data:

3.1 AI

ATOK uses AI to analyze the vast amount of data collected, primarily for suggesting personalized advertisements to individuals at optimal times.

3.2 Big Data

Collecting and updating personalized user data in real-time is essential for targeted ads, making Big Data a crucial component. This detailed database will expand day by day when Atok acquires more users.

3.3 IoT

IoT technology is used for real-time movement monitoring and data collection, such as user location, movement history, and preferences. This data is used to calculate rewards and tailor advertisements.

4. ATOK - M2E Token

ATOK is using $M2E as the operating token for the project and the whole ATOK ecosystem. Built on the BEP-20 standard of the BNB Smart Chain, the M2E token benefits from the scalability, transaction speed, and high security of the chain. The BNB Smart Chain's popularity also offers M2E opportunities for upgrades, expansion, and exchanges.

M2E token allcocation

M2E token allcocation

4.1 Tokenomics

ATOK M2E token has a total fixed supply of 10 billion which is allocated as follows:

  • 50% (5 billion tokens): Used for Move To Earn activities within the ATOK app and general app usage. These tokens will be gradually distributed to reward users over time. This pool will also adopt a burning policy.
  • 30% (3 billion tokens) of the total supply will be allocated to the Ecosystem. After 1 year, burning 50% pool/year and lasting for 10 years.
  • 10% (1 billion tokens): Distributed to the Team & Advisors as follows: Founder (2.5%), Development team (2.5%), Advisor (2.5%), Partners (2.5%). These tokens will be locked for the first year after the $M2E listing. In the following 5 years, they will be unlocked with a Linear mechanism, aiming to maintain the price stability of $M2E.
  • 10% (1 billion tokens): Allocated for public sales

4.2 Burning Mechanism

The burning mechanism is a strategic tool in cryptocurrency projects to manage supply, increase value, and ensure ecosystem stability which benefits both the project and its users by creating a healthier economic environment and encouraging long-term engagement.

ATOK’s M2E Tokens have the burning mechanism including:

  • $M2E will be burned when it is used for in-app NFT purchases & upgrades. 100% of the $M2E used for those purposes will be burned in full.
  • $M2E paid by advertisers for self-served ads on ATOK will be burned with a fixed proportion of One-third.

4.3 Token Functionality

Tokens that serve practical purposes within their ecosystems are more likely to achieve sustainable success and foster a vibrant, engaged community. That’s why every crypto project needs to have a real and sustainable functionality.

About ATOK, The development team has formed a specific use case for M2E:

  • Use Case for Users: After earning $M2E via in-app activities like movement, viewing ads, and playing games. Users can leverage their rewards for upgrading NFTs levels, trading on CEX, and pay for essential services and goods that advertisers of the ecosystem offer.
  • Use Case for Advertisers: They must pay $M2E for self-served advertising services on the ATOK app as a marketing cost. There are 2 ways for advertisers to get more $M2E. Firstly, they need to buy $M2E at CEXs, join in-app activities, and own NFTs to get more $M2E. Secondly, when users use $M2E to pay for goods and services, Advertisers can reuse them for ad costs.

5. Investor, Partnership, and Core Team

ATOK has gained interest and investment from South Korea's LHK Ventures, a fund keen on blockchain and crypto projects in Asia. The founding team of ATOK, crucial for evaluating a project's potential, includes:

  • Mr. Edward Lee - Chairman
  • Mr. Mattew Ha - CEO
  • Mr. Jae. H. Jeong - CMO
  • Mr. Daniel Kim - CHO
  • Mr. Scott Lee - CFO
  • Mr. Stepan - CPO
  • Mr. Raymond - Design
  • Ms. Cherleana - Marketing
  • Mr. John - Advisor
  • Mr. Tony - Advisor

In June 2024, ATOK formed a strategic partnership with UNI Investment & Capital Inc. Two forces aim to boost ATOK’s potential in attracting users and expanding market penetration. Specifically, UNI Investment & Capital Inc commits to have a $14.5M guarantee investment in ATOK.

6. Roadmap and Vision of ATOK

Roadmap ATOK in 2024

Roadmap ATOK in 2024

The roadmap and vision outlined in the ATOK’s whitepaper include:

  • Q2/2024: ATOK (Beta) Version Launch & Marketing
    • (Expected at the end of June or early July 2024)
  • Q3/2024: ATOK (Full) Version Launch & Scaling Service
  • Q4/2024: Partnerships & Business Expansion
  • Q1/2025: Global Expansion of The ATOK Platform

Along the way, ATOK aims to develop an ecosystem linked to blockchain and crypto technology while competing with existing advertising platforms to attract funds from the billion-dollar digital advertising market at the end of the road.

This comprehensive overview provides investors with all the details needed to evaluate ATOK. Hope that with this blog post, investors can make informed and strategic decisions.

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