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ATOK's ecosystem and how ATOK works

3 min read -May 17, 2024 by Aron Dang

ATOK's ecosystem and how Atok works

ATOK's ecosystem and how Atok works

With the advancement of technology, finding opportunities and connecting communities is no longer limited by physical space. ATOK’s ecosystem has opened a new door, turning daily travel into an opportunity to create passive income and interact with the community through blockchain technology and big data.

1. What is ATOK?

Atok is more than just a regular location-based advertising platform. The integration of blockchain technology and big data has turned Atok into a comprehensive ecosystem, allowing users to earn additional income from providing location information and their travel itinerary.

At the same time, advertisers also have the opportunity to reach their target audience through smarter and more effective advertising strategies.

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Atok is an application that integrates blockchain technology and big data

Atok is an application that integrates blockchain technology and big data

2. ATOK ecosystem

What's special about Atok lies not only in the ability to earn extra income from moving, but also in creating a strong and vibrant community. Exchanging and connecting through travel has created an open and friendly environment where people can share experiences, meet and create new relationships.

2.1. User

Users are the heart of the Atok ecosystem. By providing mobility and additional information, they not only contribute to creating a smart advertising environment but also help strengthen the network of connections within the community.

In particular, users can receive basic rewards for providing their travel information in real time and are awarded points based on actual distance. Users can also provide additional personal information and receive rewards in M2E - the official token used for Atok, as well as earn additional rewards by watching ads or completing tasks in ads. In addition, to optimize reward points, users can perform tasks such as owning NFTs, upgrading avatars, and playing games.

ATOK's ecosystem

ATOK's ecosystem

2.2. Advertiser

Advertisers are important partners in the ATOK ecosystem. Using data from users, they can optimize their advertising and marketing strategies, ensuring that their ads are shown to the right target audience and are most effective.

Advertisers can target a variety of marketing objectives through the Atok platform, from small businesses to large corporations.

2.3. Partnership

ATOK is constantly expanding its ecosystem by collaborating with many partners from different fields. This helps improve services and provide a better experience for users, while also opening up more opportunities for cooperation partners.

ATOK's partners can come from many industries, including logistics companies, franchise chains, restaurants and supermarkets, etc. For example, Atok can partner with a franchised coffee brand to run nationwide ads at the same time, targeting a specific audience with a certain age and offering incentives to encourage them to come. their stores.

2.4. Big Data

Big data collected from ATOK users not only helps provide customized services, but also serves as a foundation for smart and effective advertising. Data analysis helps advertisers better understand their target audience and optimize their advertising strategies.

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3. ATOK - The revolution of mobile advertising platform

ATOK opens a promising new era in the field of mobile advertising. Atok is not just an ordinary application. With ATOK, every step a user takes will become more valuable than ever. With ATOK, foxing will no longer be a nuisance but a place that promotes an active lifestyle, easily increasing passive income.

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Atok provides customized advertising services that are expected to revolutionize the advertising industry

Atok provides customized advertising services that are expected to revolutionize the advertising industry

ATOK Ecosystem is not only an income-increasing platform but also an opportunity to participate in a vibrant and growing community. Join today to experience this innovation and explore the exciting world that ATOK has to offer!

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