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“Check-in” with ATOK App

2 min read -June 26, 2024 by Phung Ly

“Check-in” features with ATOK App

“Check-in” features with ATOK App

The ATOK APP is a Move to Earn application based on movement and rewards, utilizing Big Data and Web3 technology to encourage users to walk and check in regularly to earn M2E rewards.

Let's explore the “check-in” features on ATOK to receive "M2E points"!

1. ATOK’s “Check In” Features

ATOK users can interact with the ATOK APP daily by completing check-in tasks and receiving corresponding M2E points, attracting new users with standout features in ATOK, and accumulating them in their wallets.

1.1. Check In Daily

Users will have 3 daily check-in opportunities in the Check-In Daily section, earning M2E points per check-in. For the final check-in, users will receive an additional "bonus" reward based on the number of steps taken and the number of times the phone vibrates when ATOK is activated during their movements.

ATOK has 3 times/day to Check in

ATOK has 3 times/day to Check in

1.2. Check-In by Answering Daily Questions

In addition, to the daily check-in to help users earn M2E points, the ATOK APP includes a section to answer pop-up questions based on personal user surveys. Users can answer 3 questions daily and earn 6 M2E points, gradually increasing based on the percentage of avatars being upgraded.

Refer to the detailed Avatar Level % chart.

Refer to the detailed Avatar Level % chart.

1.3. Check In at The Location

Like the daily check-in, the location-based check-in feature calculates M2E points based on the number of steps taken or phone movements while users move. The M2E points are accumulated at the end of the day, encouraging ATOK users to move more and earn more M2E points, creating a dynamic ATOK ecosystem, and maximizing rewards.

Check in at location on ATOK APP

Check in at location on ATOK APP

2. Other key features to earn more

Beyond the check-in feature, new ATOK users receive M2E points not only for answering questions and completing tasks but also for playing games and watching ads to earn M2E points. Users can claim these points in their wallets and make transactions.

2.1. Playing Games

With various game genres available on ATOK, users can earn M2E points through games like Spin, and Rocher, with the opportunity to quickly earn x10 M2E points.

Playing Game on ATOK APP

Playing Game on ATOK APP

2.2. Watching Ads

ATOK shines with its feature of connecting users and advertisers through video ads and pop-up survey questions to understand behaviour and preferences, helping businesses understand their customers. Users will watch ads from various brands and receive corresponding M2E points.

3. ATOK App - The best Move To Earn application

In conclusion, the existing features of the ATOK APP will encourage users to engage on ATOK with M2E points actively, and businesses will gain a clear understanding of their customer profiles.

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