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Explore All Features Of The ATOK App

3 min read -July 02, 2024 by Phung Ly

Explore All Features Of The ATOK App

Explore All Features Of The ATOK App

The ATOK APP is one of the Web3 mobile advertising products by DTE Ventures aimed at quickly connecting users and advertisers. Besides, users can earn M2E points through tasks such as check-in, watching ads, playing games, and receiving M2E points through the ATOK app.

Let’s explore the functionalities of using ATOK effectively with ATOK via this article!

1. Daily Check-in

1.1. Daily Check-in

One of the tasks that ATOK users must perform is to check in when logging into ATOK. Users will receive $M2E points after completing the check-in.

1.2. Location-based Check-in

In addition to the ATOK APP Daily check-in, users can receive M2E points through the number of km on the step counter each day. The reward will be accumulated at the end of the day for the last check-in.

Moreover, after users complete the task of checking in at the location on the ATOK map, they can receive M2E rewards.

2. Watching and creating advertisement

Not just for user interaction with ATOK, users can watch ads and receive M2E points. Additionally, people can create various advertising methods on ATOK through the “Creating Advertisement” function for many businesses and brands.

Watching advertisements and receiving $M2E with ATOK app

Watching advertisements and receiving $M2E with ATOK app

2.1 Video

Build advertising campaigns for your business through videos/short clips on ATOK, customize ad positioning, and target customer files.

Step 1: Log in to ATOK with your email account

Step 2: Click on the advertising section

Step 3: Choose the "Post" button - Then select the advertising form you want on ATOK

Step 4: Fill in all the details of your advertising campaign

  • Please note: Video files are limited to under 10MB only

Step 5: Complete the payment with $M2E/USDT

Refer to the detailed guide on setting ATOK APP advertisements here

Setting an advertisement step-by-step

Setting an advertisement step-by-step



2.2 Photo

Similarly, for setting images. Businesses can choose forms that fit their products and customers.

2.3 Article

Similarly to Facebook, users can post images in the form of a short blog, under 500 characters, and set locations and potential customer files.

3. Playing Games

Besides watching and creating ads, users can also play games with the opportunity to own x10 M2E.

Playing games with the opportunities to own x10 M2E.

Playing games with the opportunities to own x10 M2E.

4. Transfer and reception of M2E token

Alongside advertisement creation and gaming for M2E Token, ATOK also functions as an electronic personal wallet. Users can freely convert $M2E within the ATOK APP ecosystem.

 Users can freely convert $M2E within the ATOK APP ecosystem.

Users can freely convert $M2E within the ATOK APP ecosystem.

5. Daily quiz check-in and upgrade avatar

Similar to the daily check-in, ATOK introduces the feature of upgrading personalized user avatars. Every day, ATOK will pop up 3 questions about preferences, and user behaviour surveys; after completing the task, you will get 6 $M2E will be received.

Additionally, the ATOK character will grow corresponding to the daily number of questions you answer.


6. Buy ATOK’s NFT

With features like playing games and watching ads to receive $M2E, ATOK reveals a way to profit $M2E with the “Buy NFT items” feature.

Check out how to buy rare NFTs in ATOK here

7. Referral Program

Lastly, the friend-connecting functionality in ATOK APP opens with the “Referral Program” by giving 10% $M2E when introducing new friends to log into ATOK.

8. ATOK - Get moving, start earning

In conclusion, the ATOK App represents a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly merges the principles of Web3 with the intricacies of mobile advertising. Its wide array of features not only facilitates direct interaction between users and advertisers but also creates avenues for earning M2E points.

Whether through daily check-in, location-based engagements, immersive advertising experiences, or captivating gaming activities, ATOK guarantees a rewarding experience for every user interaction within its ecosystem.