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Terms of Use and Information Sharing Agreement

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") govern the use of the atok (the "Service") provided by Atok labs Co., Ltd. (the "Company") and define the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Company and Users in relation to the Service, the use and procedures of the Service, and other necessary matters.

In addition, in order to provide the Service, the Company uses information about the User's hobbies and interests, excluding the User's credit information (name, mobile phone number, resident registration number, social security number, etc.), through the use of the Service. This consent agreement is obtained to obtain the User's consent to use such information.

Article 2 (Definitions)

1In these Terms, the following terms have the following meanings:

  • "Service" means the services provided to Users through the Company's website and mobile application. The Service includes, but is not limited to, providing customized advertisements based on information (hobbies, interests) collected or entered directly by the User with the User's consent, games that can be used with points received from advertisements and other activities, and writing advertisements.
  • "Member" means a customer who accesses the Company's service, enters into a membership agreement with the Company in accordance with these Terms, and uses the services provided to members.
  • "Member ID" means unique information consisting of an email address or a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters entered during membership registration to identify the member and allow the member to use the service.
  • "Password" means a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters that a person who wishes to use the Company's service sets and the Company approves to verify that the person to whom the Member ID is assigned is the same person and to protect the member's information.
  • "App Lock Password" means a personal identification number for self-verification that a member enters directly into the mobile application or website to use the service.
  • "Points" means service data that is accrued in the system when a member performs a certain act in accordance with Article 12.
  • "Affiliate Content" means paid or unpaid content that the Company provides to members through partnerships with external companies.

2Unless otherwise defined in Article 1, the terms used in these Terms shall be defined in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. For terms not defined in applicable laws and regulations, the general practice shall be followed.

Article 3 (Disclosure and Revision of Terms)

  • 1The Company shall post these Terms on the mobile application and website where the Service is provided so that Users can be aware of them.

  • 2The Company may revise these Terms to the extent that it does not violate applicable laws and regulations, including the Act on the Regulation of Terms of Service, the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Personal Information Protection Act, and the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information.

  • 3When the Company revises these Terms, it shall notify the Members of the effective date of the revised Terms and the reason for the revision by specifying them together with the current Terms 14 days before the effective date of the revised Terms. However, in the case of a change that has a significant impact on the rights and obligations of Members, it shall be notified 30 days before the effective date.

  • 4Members have the right to refuse the changed Terms and may express their intention to refuse within 15 days of the notification of the changed Terms. If a Member refuses the changed Terms, the Company, the provider of this Service, may terminate the contract with the Member after giving prior notice to the Member for a period of 15 days. If a Member does not express their intention to refuse within the said period or uses the Service after the effective date in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it shall be deemed that the Member has agreed to the changed Terms.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms)

  • 1If a User enters into an individual contract with the Company to use the Service, the Company may have separate terms of use or operating policies (hereinafter referred to as "Operating Policies, etc.") for the individual service. In such cases, the Operating Policies, etc. for the individual service shall take precedence over these Terms in the event of a conflict.

  • 2Matters not provided for in these Terms shall be governed by applicable laws and regulations, including the Act on the Regulation of Terms of Service, the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Personal Information Protection Act, and the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information.

Chapter 2: Service Use Agreement

Article 5 (Conclusion of Service Use Agreement)

  • 1A service use agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Use Agreement") between the Company and a Member is concluded when a person who wishes to use the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Applicant") applies for membership through the website or mobile application according to the form prescribed by the Company and agrees to the contents of these "Terms and Conditions", "Personal Information Processing Policy", and "Personal Information Collection and Use Consent".

  • 2Expressing consent to these "Terms and Conditions" shall be deemed that the "Applicant" has agreed to the use of information about the "User's" email address, hobbies, and interests by the "Company" in providing the "Service".

  • 3The Company shall, as a rule, approve the Applicant's application for use of the Service. However, it may not approve or may terminate the Service Use Agreement after the fact for applications that fall under any of the following items:

    • Item 1: When false information is entered in the application for membership.
    • Item 2: When the Applicant has violated these Terms and Conditions or other applicable laws and regulations.
    • Item 3: When the Applicant has caused damage to the Company or other Members.
    • Item 4: When the Company deems it necessary for the management of the Service.
    • Previous loss of membership due to violation of these Terms and Conditions
    • Application using another person's information
    • Providing false or incomplete information
    • Application deemed impossible due to Applicant's fault or violation of other regulations
  • 4The Company may restrict the use of the Service to users 14 years of age or older. If it is discovered that a user under the age of 14 is using the Service, the Company may terminate the Service Use Agreement.

  • 5The Company may reserve the right to approve an application for membership if it does not have the spare capacity for service-related facilities or if there are technical or operational problems.

  • 6If the Company does not approve or reserves the right to approve an application for membership in accordance with Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4, and Paragraph 5, the Company shall, as a rule, notify the Applicant of this fact.

  • 7The effective date of the Service Use Agreement shall be the time at which the Company indicates that the application has been completed in the application procedure.

  • 8The Company may differentiate the use of services such as usage time, number of times used, and service menus for Members according to grades based on company policy.

Article 6 (Application for Use)

  • 1A person who wishes to become a Member and use the Service must provide email information. In addition, agreement to the collection and use of personal information (hobbies, interests) necessary for the use of the Service shall be deemed to have been given by approving these "Terms and Conditions".

  • 2If the Applicant refuses the matters specified in Paragraph 1, membership registration and use of the Service may be restricted. A person who has registered as a Member by impersonating another person may not use the services provided by the Company, nor should they use them.

  • 3All IDs of a Member who has applied for use by impersonating another person's personal information will be deleted and may be punished in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • 4In addition to the items listed in Paragraph 1, the Company may request the provision of information such as occupation, age, gender, income, consumption history, financial product information, financial transaction history, interests, and hobbies to provide useful information to Users. However, the Applicant may refuse to provide such information.

Article 7 (Termination of Service Use Agreement)

  • 1A Member may terminate the Service Use Agreement by submitting a termination request to the Company or by clicking the "Member Withdrawal" button on the website or mobile application and following the withdrawal procedure. The Company shall promptly process the termination in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • 2The Company may arbitrarily terminate the Service Use Agreement or suspend the use of the Service by the Member in question if the Member has committed any of the following acts:

    • When a member confirms that they fall under the provisions set forth in Article 6, Paragraphs 2 and 3.
    • When intentionally obstructing the operation of the service.
    • When disseminating content that violates public order and morals.
    • When damaging the reputation of others or causing harm.
    • When, based on the reasonable and objective judgment of the operator, the membership is deemed invalid for acts such as sending malicious information to disrupt the stable operation of the service or transmitting inappropriate advertisements.
    • When distributing computer viruses or similar programs.
    • When infringing upon the intellectual property rights of the company.
    • In other cases where it is determined to violate these Terms and Conditions or related regulations.
  • 3Upon termination of the Service Use Agreement, any remaining points will be immediately forfeited. Except for cases where the Company is required to retain Member information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the Company's privacy policy, all Member data will be destroyed without delay immediately after termination.

  • 4Members may appeal against the Company's service restriction measures. If the grounds for the Member's appeal are found to be legitimate, the Company shall immediately resume the Member's use of the Service.

Article 8 (Notice to Users)

  • 1Unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall send notices to Members to the email address designated by the Member.

  • 2The Company may, in lieu of the notice in Paragraph 1, provide notice to all Users by posting it on the service notice board or the Company's homepage for seven (7) days.

Chapter 3: Protection of Member Information

Article 9 (Collection and Protection of Member Information)

  • 1In addition to the information provided and consented to by the Member for the purpose of the Service Use Agreement, the Company may collect information from the Member by disclosing the purpose of collection or processing, and obtain consent when consent is required by related laws and regulations.

  • 2The reason why the Company collects information is to provide the "Service" as stated in Article 1, and therefore checks the consent through these "Terms and Conditions" and provides it to advertisers for use in targeted marketing. However, it does not provide details of who the "User" is targeted.

  • 3The Member must provide truthful information when providing information to the Company.

  • 4The Company shall not use the collected Member information for purposes other than the purpose of collection and processing disclosed at the time of collection or with the consent of the Member, and shall not provide it to a third party without the consent of the Member. However, the following are exceptions:

    • When allowed by law to utilize member information and provide it to third parties.
    • When used as material to provide members with useful information or advertisements with the member's consent.
  • 5The Company's Personal Information Manager and contact information are as follows:

  • 6Members can access and modify their basic information at any time.

  • 7The Company limits the number of administrators to a minimum for the protection of member information. In cases where member information is lost, stolen, leaked, or altered due to the Company's intentional or negligent actions, the Company assumes full responsibility for any damages incurred by the member. However, the Company notifies that it does not request credit related or financial-related information.

  • 8The Company bears no responsibility for any information, including member account information, exposed due to the member's fault.

  • 9Other matters related to member information shall be governed by the separate Privacy Policy notified by the Company.

Article 10 (Management Responsibility for Member's Account (ID) and Password, etc.)

  • 1Members shall use the email address they selected, or an account of a partner (such as a social network service account listed in Article 6(1)), as their account (ID) for this service to ensure smooth use of the service, protect their information, and facilitate service usage guidance. However, the service may refuse or restrict the use of such ID if it is deemed antisocial, harmful to public morals, or likely to be mistaken for the operator.

  • 2The company shall perform all user management tasks, such as determining whether a member is eligible to use the service, using account information.

  • 3Members shall manage their account information with the care of a diligent manager. Members shall be responsible for any damages arising from their negligent management of their account information or their authorization of third parties to use it.

  • 4Members may freely set passwords within the scope of the standards set by the service, and the set password may be changed at any time at the member's discretion.

  • 5Members shall bear the responsibility for protecting and managing the password they use to access the service. However, the company may recommend periodic or irregular password changes to members for security reasons.

Article 11 (Change of Member Information)

  • 1If information entered directly by the member or collected with the member's consent has changed, the member must make the necessary modifications within a reasonable period. However, as a principle, matters such as the member ID that cannot be changed cannot be modified.

  • 2The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by failure to modify relevant information despite changes in member information or for damages caused by incorrect modifications.

Chapter 4: Service Usage

Article 12 (Point Accrual)

  • 1Point Accrual Methods

    • Completion of certain actions, such as signing up for the service
    • Installing and registering the app through a referral link
    • Watching ads and answering questions
    • Answering daily questions, which can upgrade the avatar level
    • Completing missions in action ads
  • 2Checking Point Balance

    Members can check their point balance on the My Page screen within the service.

  • 3Discrepancies in Point Balance

    In the event of a discrepancy between the point balance entered on the server and the point balance displayed on the client, the server's figures shall always prevail. Differences in point balance due to server-client desynchronization cannot be corrected.

  • 4Taxes on Point Accrual

    Members shall be responsible for any withholding taxes arising from point accrual.

  • 5Restrictions on Point Usage

    Points cannot be transferred, inherited, rented, or used as collateral. However, exceptions may apply as recognized by the company.

Article 13 (Use of Shopping Affiliate Content)

  • 1Use of Points for Shopping Affiliate Content

    Members can use their accumulated points to use and purchase affiliated shopping content within the service.

  • 2Changes to Shopping Affiliate Content

    The content of shopping affiliate content may be changed depending on the status of negotiations with other companies. The price of shopping affiliate content is calculated taking into account the supply price from the affiliate, the payment fee, operating costs, etc., so it may differ from the existing sales price.

  • 3Completion of Use of Shopping Affiliate Content

    For shopping affiliate content used on-site, such as coffee and convenience stores, the company will consider the use of the content to be completed legally by sending the barcode to the member's mobile device.

  • 4Non-Refundable Coupons

    Coupons purchased with points accumulated within the service cannot be refunded due to a simple change of mind by the member. If the coupon is not used by the expiration date listed at the bottom of the coupon, it cannot be exchanged or refunded.

  • 5Disclaimer of Liability

    The company shall not be liable for any disputes arising from the use of shopping affiliate content if the clear responsibility lies with the affiliated company.

Article 14 (Correction, Cancellation, and Expiration of Points)

  • 1If an error occurs in point accumulation, members may request correction from the company within 30 days from the date of the error occurrence, and the company must make corrections within 30 days from the date of the correction request if the request is found to be valid.

  • 2If the answers requested by the app are not honest or clear, the level will be deducted by -5, and additional earnings will decrease.

  • 3Points may expire if the "Service" is not used for more than 12 months.

Article 15 (Content and Changes to the Service)

  • 1Content of the Service

    The company provides the following services to users or plans to provide them in the future through updates (details are yet to be determined):

    • A service that allows users to check information collected with their consent or entered directly by them
    • A service that recommends customized financial products and provides links to subscribe to recommended products
    • Other services developed by the company or provided through collaboration with other companies
  • 2Changes to the Service

    The company may add or change the contents of the services described in the preceding paragraph if it deems it necessary for the performance of its business. In this case, the contents of the added or changed services will be posted on the website in advance.

  • 3Modification, Suspension, and Change of Free Services

    The company may modify, suspend, or change all or part of the services provided free of charge due to the company's policy planning or operation, or due to the company's urgent circumstances, etc. In this case, unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws and regulations, the company will not provide any compensation to users.

  • 4Modification of Paid Services

    If the content of changes to paid services is significant or disadvantageous to users, the company will notify users who receive the paid services in the manner specified in Article 8. In this case, the services provided before the change will be provided to users who refuse to consent. However, if it is impossible to provide the services provided before the change, the company may suspend or discontinue the provision of the services and proceed with a refund in accordance with the relevant regulations.

  • 5Restriction or Suspension of Services

    • Based on the company's judgment, for the company's business reasons or other reasons, this service may be restricted or suspended.
    • In this case, the member must acknowledge that the company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to the member as a result.

Chapter 5: Duties of Contracting Parties

Article 18 (Obligations of the Company)

  • 1General Obligations

    The company shall not engage in any act prohibited by these Terms and Conditions or any relevant laws and regulations, or any act contrary to good morals and customs. The company shall make the best efforts to provide continuous and stable services.

  • 2Protection of Personal Information

    The company shall not request personal credit information from users so that they can use the service safely. The company shall also thoroughly manage the security system for emails, hobbies, and interests collected for the purpose of providing the "Service".

  • 3Handling of User Inquiries and Complaints

    If the company objectively recognizes that the opinions or complaints raised by users are justified, the company shall promptly process them within a reasonable period of time. However, if the processing takes a long time, the company shall notify the user of the reason for the delay through a bulletin board or email, etc., and inform the user of the processing process and results.

  • 4Convenience of Contract Procedures

    The company shall make efforts to provide convenience to users in the procedures and contents of contracts with users, such as the conclusion of user agreements, changes to contract terms, and termination.

  • 5Disclosure of Information for Paid Services

    If the company provides paid services, the company shall clearly display the following information on the initial screen of the service or FAQ screen, etc., in a way that is easy for users to understand:

    • Name or title of paid service
    • Content of paid service, usage method, usage fee, payment method, and other usage conditions
    • Devices available for use and minimum technical specifications required for use

Article 19 (User's Obligations)

  • 1Prohibited Activities

    Users shall not use the services provided by the company for purposes other than the original intended purpose of use, or engage in the following acts:

    • Using the information of other persons or making false statements when registering personal information with the company for the purpose of applying for membership or changing information.
    • Impersonating others, causing confusion in the service analysis system, or misusing the accounts and passwords of other members.
    • Using services that the company does not provide for the company's services, or providing or enabling the company's services to other services.
    • Replicating, distributing, fabricating, or commercially exploiting information obtained through the company's services and provided applications without the company's prior consent, or exploiting known or unknown bugs to use the services.
    • Using the company's services and provided applications in an irregular manner to gain property benefits for oneself or others.
    • Defaming the reputation of the company and third parties, interfering with business, or causing damage to the company and third parties.
    • Infringing on the company's intellectual property rights, the intellectual property rights of third parties, portrait rights, etc., or collecting, storing, distributing, or posting the personal information of other members without the company's consent.
    • Deceiving third parties to gain profits, using the services provided by the company unfairly, or causing damage to third parties.
    • Transmitting, posting, distributing, or using materials that contain information or computer software that is prohibited from transmission or posting by relevant laws, or software viruses or other computer codes, files, or programs designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.
    • Modifying applications, adding or inserting other programs into applications, hacking or reverse engineering servers, leaking and changing source code or application data, building separate servers, or arbitrarily changing or misappropriating parts of the website to impersonate the company without being granted special rights from the company.
    • Impersonating or impersonating company employees or operators, or using the names of others to register information, post articles, or send emails.
    • Using the service for the purpose of profit, business, advertising, political activities, illegal election campaigns, etc. without the company's consent.
    • Other illegal, unfair acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that may violate public order and good morals or have a bad influence on the company's services.
  • 2Additional User Obligations

    • Users are obligated to check the notices and amendments to the Terms of Service on the company's homepage and comply with them. Users must also not engage in any act that may interfere with the company's business.
    • The member is responsible for managing the member's account and must not allow third parties to use it.
    • The company may specify specific types of acts that fall under any of the following in the operating policy:
      • Restrictions on setting the member's account name and password
      • Restrictions on registering one's own and other people's accounts
      • Other matters that the company deems necessary for operational reasons, as long as they do not infringe on the essential rights of other users to use the service.

Chapter 6: Compensation for Damages and Others

Article 20 (Ownership of Rights)

  • 1Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

    The copyright and other intellectual property rights in the services and the content created by the company within the services and other content attached thereto belong to the company. However, this does not apply to copyrighted works and other works provided under an affiliate agreement.

  • 2User's License

    The company grants the member a license to use the account (ID), posts, etc. related to the service in accordance with the terms of use determined by the company. The member may not dispose of this license in any way, such as by transferring, selling, or pledging it.

Article 21 (Damages)

  • 1Company's Liability for Damages

    The company shall be liable for damages to users caused by defects in the services provided by the company.

  • 2User's Liability for Damages

    If a user causes damage to the company by violating the obligations of these Terms and Conditions, or if a user causes damage to the company in connection with the use of the service, the user shall be liable to the company for damages.

  • 3User's Indemnity for Third-Party Claims

    If the company receives a claim for damages or a lawsuit from a third party other than the user due to an illegal act or a violation of these Terms and Conditions by the user in the use of the service, the user shall indemnify the company at its own expense and cost. If the company is not indemnified (e.g., in cases where the relevant laws and regulations do not allow for limitations or exemptions from liability), the user shall be liable for all damages incurred by the company as a result.

Article 22 (Limitation of Liability)

  • 1Force Majeure

    The company shall not be liable for any failure to provide the service due to force majeure or events equivalent to force majeure.

  • 2User-Caused Service Disruptions or Hindrances

    The company shall not be liable for any service disruptions or hindrances to use caused by the user's fault. The company shall also not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to the discontinuation or abnormal provision of telecommunications services by the telecommunications carrier.

  • 3User-Generated Content

    The company shall not be liable for the reliability, accuracy, or content of information, materials, or facts posted on the service by the user or other methods.

  • 4Transactions between Users

    The company shall not be liable for any transactions or other activities between users or between users and third parties through the service. The company shall also not be liable for any anticipated profits of the user.

  • 5Third-Party Information

    The company shall not be liable for the reliability, accuracy, or content of information, materials, or facts provided by third parties. The company shall also not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the user due to the expected profits or losses of the user from using the service or the materials obtained through the service.

  • 6Free Services

    The company shall not be liable for the use of free services unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 23 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  • 1Governing Law

    Any lawsuit filed between the company and the user shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

  • 2Jurisdiction

    Any lawsuit arising from disputes between the company and the user shall be filed with the court having jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.

Article 24 (Company Contact Information)


CEO: Edward

Address: 18 SIN MING LANE #07-13 MIDVIEW CITY SINGAPORE (573960)

Email Address: [email protected]